Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Operation Christmas Child Hawaii Team

I am the Media Relations Coordinator for the Hawaii Operation Christmas Child Team. Wow, that is a long title.
Just call me the MRCHOCCT. Actually, just call me Sunny.Operation Christmas Child is also known as the "Shoe Box Project" We send millions of gift filled shoe boxes to children in desperate need, all around the world.

Here we are in San Ramon last week at the Operation Christmas Child Connect Conference.
San Ramon is 35min. from San Francisco. See we have flowers in our hair....reminds me of a song.
Well, the conference was really, informative,fun,encouraging,etc....and we got to go shopping for shoes.
Here in Hawaii we go around barefooted, so when we get off the rock we like to buy shoes.
I really loved meeting all the OCC staff and volunteers from the West coast, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Germany, and Jamaica.
The speakers were lovely and many of the stories and testimonies made us cry. I felt so blessed to be there. I really was spoiled. It was over and above anything I could have asked for.
Thank you OCC for allowing me to be a part of the vision. Together we show hurting children around the world that Jesus loves them.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Where was I ?

Well here we are on our way to Shipman Beach. It was a perfect day. There was a large sea turtle napping on the beach, there were ducks playing in the freshwater stream, sea birds,and few people, except our dear friends Jeff, Michelle and Ava:-) We hiked along the ocean, over rocks to get there, and took the jungle trail back. My dear son and daughter were good hikers, and really enjoyed the beach.