Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Me and the tiny baby boy

Flash back 12 years ago.

As I type this my 12 year old son is in the pool swimming with a friend.What a contrast. When I look at my giant child it is hard to imaging him wearing a fuzzy teddy bear bunting.


Claudia said...

I can tell you weren't anywhere near Hawaii in that photo. Do you miss the snow? Of course, there's Mauna Kea for an occasional taste of the frigid zones.

Sunny said...

This picture was taken in Wisconsin, and I miss the snow, but I will explain; I enjoyed the snow on Christmas Day,when my son was playing in it, and I could see him from inside the warm house,and when I would hike in the snow for one hour or less. The other 10 months of bone chilling,car sliding to a stop,ice scraping,snow shoveling, wet sock/mitten,frost bitten,painfully cold weather, I do not miss. Autumn was my favorite season actually.