Tuesday, January 20, 2009

buckets and tap shoes

For a field trip today we drove to the Kahilu Theatre, in Waimea, and got there just in time to see Buckets and Tap shoes. Their music was a combination of excellent live jazz, and street music. They incorporated tap dancing with magic,rap, and odd ball percussion instruments like 5 gallon buckets,chimes,cymbals, and a cowbell. The kids said it was the best show at the Kahilu Theatre so far.
It was a beautiful day for the drive, and the kids (my kids and the Ko kids)played in the warm sun at the park after the show too.

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Rick's Tap Dance Magic said...

THANKS! We had a great time in Hawaii, and would love to return soon.

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Love and Gratitude,
Rick Ausland
"Buckets and Tap Shoes"
Minneapolis, MN