Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hello?is anybody home?

Detroit photo by kevin bauman

It was about 2 years ago when I discovered the ghettos of Detroit. From the safety of my computer, I stumbled upon the most amazing photos and videos of what was once a booming,industrious city.I am drawn to these photos again and again. The images are haunting. The strangest things will remind me of those images. Detroit now has a ghetto about the size of the city of San Francisco, with about 12,000 abandoned homes. When I first came across images of the ruins of Detroit, I felt sick to my stomach, and I am moved to tears. What happens when all the lights go out in a neighborhood, or the mail is no longer delivered? I wish I could have been there in the heyday of the city.I try to imagine the people going in and out. Where did they go? I think some of my feelings come from my love of America. Deep down, I want to hold on to the feeling I had as a child, listening to my Dad talk about Chevy and Ford. That was when America sparkled and shined like a new Mustang. It was an America that didn't have a ghetto the size of San Francisco.

Kevin Bauman is selling limited edition series called 100 abandoned houses.A portion of the proceeds will go to an organizations doing positive work in Detroit, Habitat for Humanity, and The Greening of Detroit. To purchase one of these photos, visit Kevin HERE.

Is there hope for Detroit? I am sure there is. Imagine how lovely it would be if a new industry popped up, and these neighborhoods were repaired, a small section at a time. These homes are not the ugly cookie cutter,same same,tract houses we see everywhere. They have character,and style.
Thank you sfgirlbybay for reminding me of Detroit once again.


Katia said...

Hi Sunny good to see you blogging again. I took a break but now making my way back to blogland again.
I really like the older homes. This one must been a beauty in its time.

Claudia said...

That is an amazing house. I can imagine a homeless family moving in and fixing it up. One house at a time.

Sunny said...

Hi Katia. I am not sure if I am back:-) I was gone for December. I have been having a few personal problems. I have contemplated blogging about what I am going through, but each time something stops me. Too depressing. Kind of like the ghettos of Detroit. I am sure in both cases there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Kea'au Ko's said...

Hi Sunny, My Dad's mom, Zetta grew up in Detroit when it was called "City of the Trees". It used to be beautiful with ash trees but they died from infection of the ash borer, I think. We have a businessman friend named Jarred who has made it his life's ambition to see Detroit revitalized. He believes it is possible.

Sunny said...

Hi Sarah,
I love that thought! I believe it is possible too.

Lisa said...

Hi Sunny! I just ran across your blog & wanted to say that you're welcome to come visit us in Detroit. There is a lot of amazing architecture here & there is beauty among the ashes.
Lisa Neal

Sunny said...

Thank you for your invite!