Thursday, February 26, 2009

For the birds

Pictured here are the two Bantum chickens. They lay small white eggs that are actually pretty big when you consider the size of the chicken. I took this photo with my phone, and I can see it is not that great.

My son has been updating his blog more often than I have. I think he is doing an outstanding job, and his writing is getting better and better.

Where have I been? I have been going crazy, among other things. Working about 78 hours a week, homeschooling, taking kids to classes, baking bread, taking care of chickens,hiking to Shipman Beach,composting,recycling,sitting at this desk typing on this computer till my carpal tunnel acts up, and being on film for Operation Christmas Child.(We are going to be on the show Living In Paradise!)

My house is a mess. Something has to give right?


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Hi, Thanks for becoming a follower! I really appreciate it! It's always nice to know I have not scared someone of with my "overopinionatedness".
Your chickens are lovely, liked the bread book post too - I did a post on bread a few weeks ago.

Texas Mom said...

Well, my house is a mess too. I gave up being "super mom"...

Hey, great picture of your chickens. I'm probably ready for an upgrade on my phone and a camera would do nicely. WOW, you're working a lot of hours and I thought I was busy!

Oh, and our pooch is for home alarm system, companionship, and family camp trips! We love her dearly!

Claudia said...

Time to eliminate something little lady.I guess blog posting is usually the first to go.

Sunny said...

NOOOOO!! Blogging will never die!!!

Texas Mom said...

Okay, so you haven't posted any updates, so I'm posting twice on your old post.

PS) I've just discovered Facebook, so it's been hard keeping up with my blog. Seems most of my friends would rather visit on Facebook!