Sunday, October 18, 2009

Before the Bridge

Ansel Adams Golden Gate before The Bridge

I have always loved Ansel Adams, but had never seen this photo before. Amazing.


Texas Mom said...

I love Ansel Adams too! What a gorgeous picture. I've only seen the area AFTER the bridge. I can only imagine what the explorers must have thought of the area before it was developed! How's everything going? Hope all is well. I thought about you while planning my trip. My daughter and I were thinking of going to Hawaii as a plan B if our plan A trip didn't work out! BUT, we already got our tickets! =)

R J said...

I found your blog while trying to get info on this amazing pic. I had come across a 16"x20" copy of it in a thrift store. Matted & framed for only $5.00. I initially had no idea where It was taken or who took it, but there was something beyond the killer price that called to me. Being a big fan of the bridge that spans the gate enabled me to notice Fort Point on the right, so I immediately knew where the picture had been taken. That let me put an approximate date to it so I figured it was probably by Ansel. That guy was gifted. Amazing pics.

Sunny said...

Yes, amazing. Glad you got the info you needed!