Friday, August 22, 2008


Here in Hawaii we have a delicious variety of banana called Apple Banana. You have not tasted a banana till you have tasted the Apple Banana.
Actually, in the last two weeks I have been "going bananas" because of a family drama going on right now. It is actually pretty serious and involves my dear grandparents.
Whenever a personal family drama happens in my life, for some reason the normal every day things that are usually no problem(or even fun), feel like mountains to climb. Band practice, homeschooling,OCC,cooking,cleaning,Tae Kwon Do,grocery shopping,bills,real estate, seem way too difficult. I want to clone myself, and make my clone take care of all the responsibilities, and I will go snorkel all day,sleep, and eat bananas.

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Texas Mom said...

I guess craving banana's is better than going bananas. It's been crazy around here as well --- seems everything happens at once!