Friday, August 1, 2008

Fruity fruity goodness

We have been eating mangoes for breakfast almost every morning for over a week. I think my next perfume will be mango, I love the smell of them so much. I would keep one on my pillow at night if I could. Changed things up a bit by having papaya for breakfast with yogurt in the middle this morning. The mango tree at the office is still giving us delicious mangoes. I saw a recipe for mango salsa in the newspaper yesterday that I want to try now. I will let everyone know if it is good.

A friend gave us some avocados. Avocados are one of my top favorite foods.
I like avos plain, and even on toast instead of butter. I have a good guacamole recipe I should post. My friend Noelle makes chocolate frosting using avocado, and it is so very good. Here is a recipe for avocado mango salad I found at epicurious, and I have all the ingredients for it.Yum.

We also have the lovely Abiu, thanks to my parent's abundant tree. I keep them in the refrigerator, because oh, they are so good cold.


Texas Mom said...

I LOVE avocados! I can't imagine CHOCOLATE/AVOCADO icing! Sounds wild and crazy.

ALF said...

My husband's aunt makes a mango salsa that is to die for. Literally.

Found your site from dooce - just wanted to say hi.