Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kava Kava Kava Kava

Here on the Big Island is a lovely little cafe,Bay Front Coffee Kava & Tea Co. We went last night because my friend Jen was the featured artist. Jen did a wonderful job. I had some Alii Kava, which is Kava made with fresh coconut juice instead of filtered water.

The last few times I have sampled Kava, I have tried to describe how this drink makes me feel. The first time I drank Kava(at a birthday party) I could not get over the taste, and had no more than maybe a half cup.It reminded me of carrots and dirt with water. It really did nothing except make my mouth numb. Since then, I usually would have a nice iced coffee when I would visit the cafe. For the most part I only eat things that taste good.

Recently I have been trying Dave's Kava at Bay Front, last night being my 3rd try. The Alii is my favorite, and after a pint, or about 2 shells, the best I could describe the Kava experience is to compare it to when I used to run and get the runner's high, only with Kava, I don't feel tired, just relaxed, and I have this really strong urge to grin. It took away a headache on one occasion, and on another a neck ache went away.


Kenneth said...

I love drinking kava. It must have been a treat to drink kava made with coconut water. Really helps tame the bitterness. There are a ton of kava drinkers on the mainland in Florida. I frequent Nakava Kava Bar in Florida. They have a very tight community of kava drinkers.

Sunny said...

How interesting.I wonder if there are any Kava bars in New Jersey or New York? My cousin enjoyed Kava while he was here, but he is at Jersey City University now.