Monday, September 8, 2008

Kealani versus the volcano

On Saturday, we went to the Seaview Farmer's Market to sell Kealani's Kona Coffee, and on the way home we stopped to eat a little lunch and watch the volcanic cloud. The cloud you see is created by hot 2000 degree lava flowing into the cool pacific ocean.

The Farmer's Market was really interesting. I got some soap from the Filthy Farm Girl, some lovely fresh spinach, really red ripe tomatoes,fresh bread from my friend Noelle, and some of Breezes'Balm, a organic herb filled butter with a coconut lavender base for cuts, bites,bruises,rashes,sunburn,etc,and some really good chocolate chip,breadfruit scones, also from Noelle. Noelle's scones were very delicious, I could not taste the breadfruit, but it gave the scones a nice texture.

I was surprised at how busy this little farmer's market got. The market only allows organic produce,baked goods,food,and hand crafted items. There was fresh brewed coffee, sourdough pancakes,tofu scramble,chili,papaya salsa,cookies,cinnamon rolls, handcrafted jewelry,pedicures,haircuts,free bike repair,fresh carrot juice,wheat grass shots,miracle berries with unsweetened lemon juice,and unsweetened passion fruit juice. I tried a miracle berry and it actually worked. I did not believe it so I drank the lemon juice first. Then I ate one berry, and sipped the juice. It was a miracle, the lemon juice tasted very sweet.

I think I ate enough on Saturday morning to last me the rest of the week. I tried the Filthy Farm Girl Cardamom Rose soap today and now my whole bathroom smells like roses.


Texas Mom said...

Beautiful picture! Are you ever worried about those volcanoe's becoming more active?

Sunny said...

Not really.I don't think about it much. Just like when I am driving in my car I try not to think about how often people get in wrecks.