Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I feel like I have so much to write about that I am not able to write. I picked these Noni fruits on the way back from the farmers market in Seaview on Saturday.

Noni is a natural pain reliever and is a blood cleanser and an antiseptic. I attended a class taught by a Hawaiian medicine woman, and she demonstrated how to apply fresh noni to large wounds. She has treated injured surfers with excellent results. Noni helps to reduce bruising and infection.

She takes a ripe (not rotten) noni and breaks it in half. Then she wraps it in a paper towel. Let the juice soak the towel, and apply to the wound leave the noni on for as long as you can. Apply a new one if needed. She even showed how you can use a Ti leaf to hold the noni in place.Do not apply the fruit directly to the skin as some people are sensitive to the seeds.

I personally have used noni to treat a head ache. I like to make one quart of fresh lemonade with honey and add the juice of one noni. My head ache will go away with just one glass of noni lemonade. A teaspoon of noni juice will wipe out a cold.
I also have had success giving noni to my chickens when their poop is runny. Noni has been known to rid animals of intestinal worms, so I give it to the chickens for that reason too, but I have not done any tests on them to see if it really works.


gmarie said...

I've heard it makes for a good poultice though I haven't done it. The fact that it's a bitter fruit must be good! I actually enjoy it better than Kava...iss that saying much?

Texas Mom said...

SO much I missed out while living on the islands. I had no idea about this plant. That's amazing it helps your headaches.