Saturday, June 27, 2009


Isaiah's 13th birthday 2009
Photos by dee photography

We ate fresh Waimea strawberries, thanks to Nancy, fresh salad from the Ko's farm, pizza(Isaiah's favorite)tender rotisserie chicken, from Noelle, potato salad, and two kinds of cheese cake, New York style which took 7 hours, and a lovely little cheese cake that took 10 min. to make, then 3 hours in the fridge haha!
Oh, and adult guests enjoyed two kinds of home made wine from the famous Claudia Riley.

Isaiah got to show off the potato cannon he built himself. The cannon works well, especially if you like your potatoes to be flaming, and loud. He also let off a few fireworks. The young guests swam till late at night, and then had a sleepover.

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Claudia said...

What a kid! Looks like he's having a good time.