Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ke Ola Farm

The Ko Family at the Farmer's Market June 2009 taken with my BlackBerry

I love the Kos. I admire the way they work together, and though life is not perfect,and there are hardships, they continue on, and persevere courageously. They are pioneers in aquaponic farming.

The Ko family farm is now up,running, and open for business!
They are Ke Ola Farm.
They grow exotic lettuce, herbs, green beans, squash, and the best cucumbers I ever ate in my life! They are still expanding, so there will be much more to come.


Claudia said...

I tried their awesome produce. Those cucumbers were really really good. The basils (4 or 5 kinds)! and lettuce were great too.

Sunny said...

Yep, the best cucumbers in the whole world!

Devany said...

OK Sunny... now you have done it. I must find these farmers and write a story on them for the magazine!

Sunny said...

Oh good! Let me know when you do:-)