Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kealani's Kona Coffee....We have a winner!

Kealani randomly picked a number between one and six. She picked the number 3 which was lovely little lovelies. I will be sending her 8oz. Fancy Grade 100% Kona Coffee beans ASAP.

I am not sure about the label, it might change a little when I have time to play with it.

If you would like to order some Fancy Grade 100% Kona Coffee in 8oz. bags for $15.00 each, or 8oz. of Fancy Grade 10% Kona Coffee for $7.00 each. Shipping is approximately $6.35 per 8oz bag for Priority Mail. I will be able to give a huge discount for the shipping on orders over a hundred dollars.
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Texas Mom said...

Oh goody, scenic pictures! Your last is poster perfect! Beautiful!

Sunny said...

Thanks!Glad you like them:-)Imagine when I get me a new camera with more than 3 mega pixels!