Sunday, July 20, 2008

To hell with the gas prices, I will walk.

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." — Marilyn Monroe

These lovely little sandals, make me think of Summer,beaches, and walking in Waikiki.

I don't drive when I stay in Honolulu. My kids love taking the bus, and love to walk. Along Waikiki beach there are restaurants,shops,coffee,smoothies,white sand,turquoise blue ocean,racket ball, and tennis courts,surf shops,Banana Republic,Gucci,The Honolulu Zoo, Nine West,The Waikiki Aquarium,flowers,palm trees,green grass,benches in the shade,and lots and lots of Japanese tourists.


Katia said...

I grew up walking or taking the bus everywhere we went. The other day i said to my self I really must make my self walk the four straight miles from my house to Wallgreens and CVS. I guess I am very spoiled, for its too hot to take such a shopping walk. LOL
I like the sandals. The beach picture below is like a paradise.
((((hugs from Indiana)))

Candice said...

Hi Sunny, I totally forgot about your blog, so i'm glad that you left me a comment:) We still haven't named our fish yet, but thanks to the kids for some ideas. I have been meaning to send out a family update for our family, i just have yet to do it. ANyways, if you haven't heard yet, we are pregnant again! I saw Sylvia when she was here in Oregon last week and told her. Don't know if she told you. Anyways...tell the family hi for us! We miss you guys!