Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Recycle Hawaii!

I just realized that the way I dispose of my garbage is really borderline obsessive. A friend was talking about taking garbage to to dump in her old car so she won't get her new van dirty. For some reason, I started to tell her how I sort and dispose of my garbage, and I think I opened a window on my personal life that maybe I should have kept secret?

I have two compost bins, and two composting worm bins. I have my plastic,glass, metal, and my paper garbage.Some paper garbage we burn in our yard, and some of it I feed to my compost worms. I also separate kitchen scraps that are meat products, and keep them in my freezer in a ziplock bag(which was recycled). Leftover dairy products are fed to the chickens.

Recycling is not mandatory in Hawaii, but it also does not have to be as complicated as I have made it. Genesis 1:28 says we should "replenish" the earth, not fill it with plastic.

There is a floating vortex of garbage the size of Texas here in the Pacific ocean.Ok, stop, and re-read that last sentence. Yes,there is a garbage patch the size of Texas floating in my ocean, and I am not happy about it.

I am not going to accept any guilt for it, and please don't get me wrong, I am not saying you should feel guilty either. I am just doing my part. I am doing my best to be a good citizen of the beautiful earth that God gave for me to enjoy.

If you live in Hawaii, you don't have to recycle, you have the freedom to choose. Please use your freedom wisely.


Katia said...

Excellent post Sunny. I too recicle. I put my meat scraps in the freezer for a friend's cats. I don't have a real compost bin, (wish list)but have been trying to throw as much as I can by the vegetables growing this season. Come to my blog and see my post on "freezing eggs and more"
Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

well mom when ever i go to get a drink of water i sometimes bump into the recycle bages =)

Evelyn said...

Hiya, Sunny! I think it was George Carlin that said we were put here because the Earth needed plastic. Now that the Earth has plastic, we're not needed anymore. Said in jest, of course, but Carlin may not have been too far off the mark -- if we keep throwing our trash all over the place our homes may become uninhabitable! Thank you for making a strong point about it and for sharing it with us!

Claudia said...

Hey, a great post, and funny too. Wonder where you got that borderline obsessive disposal trait from?