Tuesday, October 7, 2008

At the Sea View Farmers Market

For four weeks now, I have been selling bread, and Kealani's Kona Coffee at the Sea View Farmer's market.
My friend Noelle,seen here with Kealani, is baking multi grain bread with flax,mini sweet potato pies,freshly ground peanut butter,cashew butter, and whole grain English muffins. Sometimes Noelle makes cashew lime bon bons, and cashew chocolate bon bons.I must say that Noelle is a lovely lovely young lady, who is beautiful in every way, but the only two pictures I took of her, her eyes were almost closed. So, this was the most bright eyed of the two pictures.We love you Noelle! I love selling bread with you!

I have been making sourdough bread, French bread with garlic and basil,olive and feta,rosemary, and oatmeal. I have also started making rye bread,Peruvian Chili pepper bread, and hamburger buns with sprouted wheat.We serve a "Greek" breakfast plate too.

Anyone have a good recipe for sprouted wheat bread? I think the buns were good, but the wheat berries were a little too crunchy.


Claudia said...

You guys are doing a great job! Is that sprouted wheat bread recipe you used the Tassajara one?

Sunny said...

I added the sprouted wheat, that was my idea.hmmm

Andrea and Grant said...

Oh my goodness- everything looks so delicious! You just made me really hungry!

Candice said...

Your table looks awesome! I would buy something from you guys for sure if I was there:) Noelle just emailed me and told me about what you guys have been doing at the farmer's market. That is wonderful!