Thursday, October 30, 2008

before and after photos

So, I never got around to weeding,tilling,adding compost, and manure to my garden until August. (That is the before photo.) The after photos are the sunflowers,papayas,tomatoes, and tomatillos 3 months later. Thank you Ko family for the papayas!
Maybe I will make papaya salsa.


Texas Mom said...

I LOVE sunflowers! Out of curiosity, how's the weather been on the islands? Any extremes like we've been experiencing in the states? We had a bizarre cold day (almost freezing) but now our temps are back into the upper 80's


Sunny said...

Nope, no extremes. The hottest it gets where I live is in the upper 80's and the lowest is in the mid 60's.

Texas Mom said...

Lucky you! Sounds like PERFECT weather!