Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Island Boy gives up Christmas!

Here is Tony during his interview with Carl from "Living In Paradise"(a local T.V. show about life on the Big Island)

Tony Briski,age 13, first heard about Operation Christmas Child two years ago in class at Christian Liberty School in Keaau, and his vision and heart for other children around the world just continued to grow. Briski's teacher Ms. Chester, explained that Operation Christmas Child delivers gift-filled shoe boxes to children in need around the world. Kids who have never had a Christmas gift in their lives, kids who are living on rubbish heaps, kids in war torn countries, and children who are orphans, or have survived natural disasters. She placed a container in the class for her students to donate money for the project. Soon the container was full, and they used the money to fill shoe boxes with school supplies, basic necessities like tooth paste, and tooth brushes, toys and other items.

A sixth grader at the time, Briski really enjoyed shopping for the shoe boxes, and decided to do more if he could. That year, in addition to the boxes they filled at school, Briski's family donated their own boxes to Operation Christmas Child. Briski thought he could do more, so he told his parents not to give him any Christmas gifts. Instead of presents that year, he wanted to make more boxes for OCC. "We take so much for granted, and we have so much. When I make shoe box gifts, I try to think about the basic necessities first, then after that I put in toys." said Briski.

The eighth grader is an example to all of us. Lets not just give out of our excess, let's sacrifice something so we can send a hurting child a Christmas gift. If we all sent one shoe box gift, how many smiles could we create this year? If you would like to pack a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child or for more information, please call OCC's toll free number 1-800-353-5949, or pick up a brochure at: all KTA stores island wide,Hosanna Christian Bookstore,Footlocker,and Wiki Wiki Video. Or check out

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