Saturday, October 4, 2008

If he ran away and joined the circus

Isaiah at the Hiccup Circus

One day long ago, my son said, "Mom if you don't stop feeding me spinach, I will run away and join the circus."
So, I said, "Isaiah my love, I want you to grow big and strong, so please eat one bite of your spinach."
"Mom, said he, I can't, so I will be leaving, good bye."
"Son,I said, I don't care if you leave, but know this, I will follow you no matter where you go."
"Isaiah said, with a nod of his head, what if I go to the end of the earth?"
"Then I will drive to the end of the earth in my car."I said.
Then he said,"Mom, what if I get in a space ship and fly to the moon?"
"That is easy, I exclaimed, I will get into a rocket ship and get to the moon with great speed."
"What if I eat one bite of my spinach instead?" he said.
"I love you son."I said, and I promptly kissed him on the head.

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gmarie said...

I would kiss him too...