Monday, October 13, 2008

Torch Ginger

These beautiful flowers grow like weeds here.Torch Ginger. You know those "Rubber Tree" plants that people keep in their offices and homes? Well, here in Hawaii, they grow to be an enormous, quickly spreading,60 ft. tree. Also, Morning Glory vines can grow to be over 50 ft. tall here. Our growing season is all year. Imagine the possibilities.


Claudia said...

What a lovely photo of that flower.

Texas Mom said...

Do you do any gardening and if so, what are you growing? I was stationed on base, so I didn't get to do much planting.

Sunny said...

I have a sad sad garden lately, but right now I am growing sweet potatoes,tomatillos,tomatoes,papayas,cliantro,
basil,pineapples,and lemon grass.

Texas Mom said...

I was growing pineapple here (indoors) but that plant got too large. So I gave it away.

Good luck on your chicken coop! Post pictures when you can.