Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another sunflower in my garden

This sunflower is bigger than my house.The bees are having fun today.Can you see them?


Texas Mom said...

I struggled growing sunflowers these past few years, due to SLUGS eating the tender shoots. Maybe this spring, I'll give sunflowers a head start in the greenhouse.

Love that pic!!

Sunny said...

I hate slugs.I prefer bees...why can't there be a mite that attacks slugs?

Claudia said...

There is, usually boys under 12 years old.

Ruth said...

Beautiful! I love sunflowers!

The 5 acre blocks we were looking at were about $195,000 but you can get them for a lot more or a lot less, depending on where you go of course :-)

I'll go look for your email address and email you so you can ask any questions you like :-)

Ruth xx

Sunny said...

Thanks for the information!