Friday, November 21, 2008

Guitar String Jewlery

Jen Woodruff

Jen is the leader of the worship team at Grassroots Church. It is a really sweet time when we practice, and when we play on Sunday mornings.We are there every Sunday, 10am at the Akebono Theater in Pahoa.
Jen is a talented singer,musician, song writer, and jewelry maker.
She is seen here, selling her unique guitar string earrings, at the farmer's market in Seaview.


Texas Mom said...

Do u have to pay to set up a booth at your farmer's market?

Gosh, one of these days I'm heading back to the islands with my family. I remember going to the flea market in Pearl City and finding all kinds of neat things. My weirdest purchase was a stuffed (real) lizzard.

Texas Mom said...

Oh before I forget, I replied to your comment on my blog. Yes I HAVE seen Expelled. Just the other day! Totally great video! Good to see others on the same wavelength!

You're lucky to have a good church to attend.

Sunny said...

Yes, I have to pay to have a table at the market:-)