Friday, November 7, 2008

Farmer's Market in Seaview,Hawaii

I am still selling organic bread,fruit,vegetables,crackers,pies, and other assorted preserves and desserts in season. I wonder if it would be ok to call myself the "Farm Girl Realtor"? Hmmm....Green Girl Realtor?Proverbs 31 Realtor? Any suggestions?

Our farmer's market in Seaview has live,tribal, Aboriginal,Hawaiian,rap/folk music?, as you see here, and fresh wheat grass shots. Silky(seen here with her wheat grass) also serves fresh lemonade,passion fruit juice,miracle berries,and homemade sauerkraut.

You can come to the market and listen to lovely tribal music,while you get your hair cut,or a massage, and pedicure.Leisurely eat coconut lime truffles, while sipping some passion fruit juice, or carrot ginger juice. Maybe you just want to have a nice bowl of curry and pick up some fresh bread and your weekly fruits and veggies?
Stop and pick some noni fruit on your way home, and maybe hike to the volcano? Snorkel with rainbow colored fish. Forrage for guavas.Stare at the azure sky.Sleep on the beach.

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Claudia said...

How about Really Good Farming Realtor?