Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Organic, Grade A Large,Free Range Eggs

I told my kids that when Goompy and Speckle finish molting, we will make a cake that requires lots of eggs. Well, I looked up chocolate cake on Epicurious and found: Chocolate Stout Cake. This cake got 4 forks. We really liked this chocolaty,moist, not too sweet cake. The frosting is so easy too.

I like Epicurious because it is so easy to find a really good recipe. They have EVERYTHING.
I also like the way they rate it so you can quickly find which one is the best, then you can read reviews to help you make your final decision.


Godless Sunday said...

That is so weird, it must be in the air. I just got done making a chocolate cake tonight too! Yum........and my eggs were organic too..........aren't I fancy!

Sunny said...

There are not many things better than chocolate cake:-)