Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starbucks and the Grounds for Gardens:An ongoing saga

Well, today I went in for my weekly caffeine fix, and asked very nicely for grounds for my garden*smile*

The friendly blond behind the register says,"We don't have any because someone else has dibs"
Me:"Someone has dibs?"
Me:"So, how can I get dibs?"
Blond:"Well, the guy brings in a bucket, and we have to fill up his bucket before we can give out grinds to anyone else." "He is working on a educational thesis."
Me:"I am working on a educational thesis."

Well, I AM a homeschooling mom, and my kids are working on their garden plots. That's educational. When they finish growing their okra,green beans,peppers,and sunflowers, they will have completed their requirement for basic Gardening 101.
See, educational thesis.
So, should I bring in a bucket, or give up?

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