Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Something to hold

Aloha! Just wanted to remind those of you who shop sales all year to fill their
Operation Christmas Child
shoe boxes, that this month the theme is "something to hold"

We can put many different items in our shoe boxes, but there are 3 items that are most important. #1 is something with color. #2 is something to hold, and #3 is a picture of you.
Oompa Loompa teddy bear

In June lets find a stuffed animal or baby doll for our shoe box.
If there is a good sale out there I will let you know. I will be heading to a toy store this month.

The children who receive these shoe box gifts need something to hold at night. Many of them are orphans, and are all alone. One volunteer told us that even the teen boys love the stuffed animals.

Last month was "something with color" month.
I have got my shoe box, my box of crayons, and now I am looking for a teddy bear:-)

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