Saturday, June 28, 2008

There were no cell phones

Claude and Virginia on their wedding day December 14,1943 in Spokane, WA. They met at Mary's wedding in Hollywood.

Grandpa Mac is not feeling well, so we are all praying for him.

Grandpa served in the Navy until 1944 and got a job at Mission Engraving in Los Angeles. He was a lithographer and an accountant. Grandpa retired from Mission Engraving after working there for over 30 years. Grandpa and Grandma moved to Hawaii in 1980 and built the house they are living in now.

Grandma's daddy Ulmen was a inventor and a business man. He owned a bakery that specialized in cookies. He invented a sealer for the cookie packaging. The bakery had a fleet of trucks that delivered the cookies all over Hollywood and the surrounding area. Great Grandpa Ulmen was known as an inventor to the Hollywood Studios so they would call him when they needed something special for their movie sets.

There were no cell phones, but they had fantastic movies, beautiful clothing, nice hats, and really good cookies.

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Katia said...

Hello there in beautiful Hawaii, just stooping by to say HI :)
I hope your grandpa is feeling better.
I agree with with you, things appear to be very beautiful back then. Nice photo.